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You do not have to walk this path alone

A few years ago I was in the position of having to deal with my mother's home after she suddenly went into a care home.  She had a beautiful, large waterfront property.  It took three years to empty the home, manage her illness and ultimately her passing.  I felt alone and overwhelmed.

However, my background as a social worker and ,my passion for organization led me to wonder if I couldn't help others who would go through the same experience.  

 Susan Ko, Owner

Susan Ko, Owner

Shortly after, a friend of mine had a similar experience.  His mother lived near me, he lived overseas.  She was diagnosed with cancer and died within a few months.  I was able to help based on my previous experience.

A year later, here I am with a business helping families at a place in life where they need to empty a home, sort, donate or store the furniture and possessions.  Different Path Services can assist with packing, moving, sorting, staging and managing a property.

 My mother's property

My mother's property






I will come to the home, meet with you and review what needs to to be done.  Deciding what needs to happen can be overwhelming, and I will assist with a process and a timeline for the emptying of a home. I can provide a written plan of how to proceed, based on the needs and presenting situation, as well as refer for services I do not provide.

Sorting and packing

Do you have possessions that need to be sorted through?  We will identify which items can be sold, recycled or donated.  We will provide boxes and pack them safely.  

Property Management

Is there an empty property that needs to be maintained for a period of time?  We can maintain the property, including lawn mowing/gardening, collecting and forwarding mail, site visits. Need us to manage tenants?  We can do that as well.


Are there pets that need re-homing, or onsite care?  We can provide this service to you as well.

Moving & STORAGE

We can move possessions to a new site, within the home, or deliver them to a place you decide. We have the capacity for limited storage as well, which we charge per week.


Does the home or condominium need to be sold?  Using the items that exists, and adding items we provide, I will stage the home for resale to get the best possible price.

Thank you. I feel better leaving knowing you are here to help
— Rosemarie Hayes

Meals & Companionship

I can coordinate healthy nutritious meals and drop them off, and visit once or twice a week.



Satisfied Customers

When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year she was placed under home hospice care. Although everything sounded like it would run smoothly, my family and I soon discovered that there were very real and critical gaps in in the system...Susan helped us set up a flexible system to provide regular, nutritious meals for my mother. As important as this was, the thing we found most valuable was the consistency...Susan was the extra set of eyes that my mother and I needed, and it helped us hugely to be able to rely on her experience. Ultimately, you want people there who care. We’ll always be grateful to Susan for her heart and hard work.

Staged this condo for sale in June 2018.  It sold in 5 days 

I recently used Different Path Services when I needed to clean up and organize items after someone close to me passed away. I found Susan, the owner, to be very professional and organized. However, she was also sensitive to my situation. She took all the time I needed to talk to me about every item and help me decide whether they should be sold, donated or thrown out. The best part for me was that, once decided, all the items were gone! She arranged for ads to be placed online, took donation items to the organization I chose and discarded others. If items couldn’t be sold right away, she stored them for me. This way I was not left staring at all the memories and I could begin to move on. I would also like to say she is very trustworthy and honest. Some jewelry was accidentally left in a small non-descript box and, when she discovered this, she contacted me immediately and returned the items! I am very grateful…  MH





Please feel free to send me questions or comments.  I will answer within 2 business days.